Celeste Road Drainage Improvements – Citronelle, Alabama


celeste roadBay Gas Storage
McIntosh, AL

Grading Contractor:

Summit Industries, LLC
P.O. Box 1040
Magnolia Springs, AL 36555

Articulated Concrete Block Installer:

Synergy Earth Systems, LLC
26240 Equity Drive
Daphne, AL 36526

Bay Gas Storage is a large energy company located in McIntosh, AL. They have several sites in the area that they own. Near one site by Celeste Road in Citronelle, AL, there was a problem with erosion along a portion of a roadway that required remediation. The Engineer on the project proposed the use of articulated concrete blocks along the area experiencing erosion in an effort to mitigate the problem.

Summit Industries contacted Synergy about providing the installation services of the articulated concrete blocks on the project and the topsoil fill that went between the blocks and eventually contracted with Synergy to do the work. Over 5,300 sf of articulated concrete blocks were required on the project. The installation of the articulated concrete blocks was completed in the Winter of 2010.