Vertical Expansion of Landfills & Waste Containment Ponds

For the design of vertical expansions of waste containment levees, SES engineers combine our soft soil technology with reinforced steep slope technology to produce secure waste containment at the lowest possible cost. The SES approach to designing vertical expansions provides the following distinct advantages over conventional design.

Requires no additional land outside the footprint of the existing containment levee.

Eliminates the time consuming and costly process of environmental permitting in most cases.

Minimizes the volume of imported fill material.

Provides the maximum amount of waste storage volume at the lowest unit cost.

Hurricane Damage Repair of Dredge Disposal Dike
Mobile, AL
Dredge Disposal Containment Dike Repair
Mobile, AL
Eighteen-Acre Iron Oxide Containment Pond
Thedore, AL
Boise Cascade
Jackson, AL
B-51 Class II Landfill Expansion
Freeport, TX
Kentucky Utilities Company Ash Pond Levee
Burgin, KY
Twenty-seven Acre Iron Oxide Containment Pond
Theodore, AL
McDuffie Coal Terminal Dike
Mobile, AL
Mississippi Power Co.
Plant Jack Watson
Westvaco Bleached Board Division Landfill No. 3
Covington, VA