Inverness Heights Slope Repair – Hoover, Alabama


inverness heightsNational Real Estate Management Corp.
1830 Craig Park Court, Suite #101
St. Louis, MO 63146

Project Engineer:

Gallet & Associates, Inc.
320 Beacon Parkway West
Birmingham, AL 35209

Segmental Wall Design/Build Company:

Synergy Earth Systems, LLC
26240 Equity Drive
Daphne, AL 36526

The Inverness Heights project site had been developed for a couple of years and had a 110’ high 1.5:1 slope that had been cut along the back side of the property that was experiencing several localized surficial failures. Soil was constantly sloughing off of the slope face and falling down to the bottom of the slope where the roadway and buildings were located. This presented a safety issue. During this time, several attempts at mitigating the loss of soil had been tried with no success. It was evident that the existing soils in the cut slope were not stable. Gallet was hired by the current owner to determine why the slope was failing and to propose a repair that would address the issue with the surficial slope failures. Gallet then brought in Synergy to help develop a solution that would solve this problem once and for all. Synergy’s experience in the design and installation of soil reinforcement technologies made them a logical choice for this project.

For the design, Synergy was presented with an as-built of the existing slope that required repairs as well as some geotechnical information from Gallet. The final design for the repair consisted of five – 10’ high segmental block walls in a tiered configuration. Each wall was set back 10’ from the one beneath it. Synergy was responsible for providing the final wall configuration and transitions at the ends. The final layout resulted in approximately 30,000 sf of wall. All of the walls were backfilled with #57 stone. Production of the walls exceeded 1,800 sf in a single day. The combination of Synergy and Gallet led to a successful repair of the slope stability problem at the site. The Owner, tenants, and customers feel safer now that an engineered solution has been provided. The project was completed in the Summer ’07.