Modular Brick Pavers & Concrete Block Channel Lining

The use of modular brick pavers has been on the rise as more Architects and Engineers learn about their advantages. Modular brick pavers offer an aesthetic alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete paving. Unlike asphalt and concrete pavements, modular brick pavers are more tolerant of minor settlements and are easy to fix if any movement occurs. Also, modular brick pavers are made to have very high compressive strengths, so they are idea for major roadways and parking lots alike. Modular brick pavers can be laid in multiple patterns, multiple paver sizes, and colors which provide an aesthetic advantage that cannot be matched by any other pavement system.

One of the latest developments with modular brick pavers is their use to achieve a “permeable” pavement system. This helps to manage stormwater runoff on projects and provides a “green” solution. Please contact Synergy with any questions you may have regarding pavers or to request pricing for the installation of pavers on your project.

RSA Parking Deck
Mobile, AL