Reinforced Embankments over Soft Soils

The majority of our projects involve construction over weak, compressible soils. The SES Effective Stress design methodology for this type of project sets the standard for state-of-the-art design in North America. This unique approach, proven through more than a hundred projects nationwide, offers the following distinct advantages over conventional design:

  • Allows faster construction
  • Eliminates the need to undercut and remove soft compressible soils
  • Uses the minimum amount of soil modification and geosynthetic reinforcement
  • Requires less fill material
  • Minimizes embankment footprint width thus reducing land take in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Allows steeper side slopes thus increasing usable land areas

Please browse through the following case studies to see examples of how SES design methodology works:

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Maitland Boulevard Extension

Maitland, FL

Sorrento Valley Boulevard Retaining Wall

San Diego, CA

Vera Cruz Access Ramp for Bridge of Americas

Republic of Panama

Mississippi DOT Projects

No’s 97-0072-02-022-10 & 97-072-03-018-10
Yazoo & Humphreys County, MS