Reinforced Earth Caps over Waste Containment/Settling Ponds

The construction of earthen caps over industrial containment ponds presents many challenges, most of which are related to the inherently soft, low shear strength nature of the material being contained. Successfully placing men, equipment and fill material over the soft material that often will not support a man’s weight requires both engineering calculation and judgment. The challenge is further increased by the sensitive nature of most soft materials contained in the pond, resulting in an ever changing and weakening material. Failure to accurately determine the shear strength of the soft material in the pond, and to accommodate its sensitive nature, has led to dramatic cap failures endangering both workers and equipment.

SES engineers have extensive experience in working with a wide variety of industrial containment pond materials. Since the shear strength and sensitivity of the soft materials in the pond are the driving elements of a successful design, an accurate determination of these parameters is critical. The techniques developed by SES engineers for the determination of these important parameters is state-of-the-art and can be accomplished safely and quickly at significantly lower cost than conventional techniques.

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