The development of geosynthetic reinforcement in the early 80’s led to the advent of reinforced soil structures. This new technology gave the designer unlimited options in solving the slope geometry problems at any site. For instance, the design of embankment slopes is typically based on the shear strength and compressibility properties of the foundation soils, and on the shear strength of the available fill material. Prior to the advancement of geosynthetics, even embankments with competent foundations were limited in slope angle to the natural angle of repose of the fill material. By utilizing geosynthetics, this limitation is removed, allowing embankment construction within almost any site configuration.

SES engineers were instrumental in the development and implementation of this technology and our experience in both design and construction of reinforced soil structures is unsurpassed in the industry. SES engineers were also responsible for the first innovative design involving the use of reinforced soil structures in tandem with other soil modification techniques to solve complex problems involving weak, compressible foundation conditions. The SES approach will optimize your land use at the lowest possible cost.