SR 2 over CSX Railroad – Chattanooga, Tennessee


SR 2 over CSXTennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT)
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243-0349

General Contractor:

Dement Construction Company, LLC
403 North Parkway, Suite 201
Jackson, TN 38305

Segmental Wall Design/Build Company:

Synergy Earth Systems, LLC
26240 Equity Drive
Daphne, AL 36526

SR 2 (also referred to as Lee Highway) is roadway that comes out of downtown Chattanooga and continues past the airport towards Cleveland, TN. A portion of the roadway goes over a CSX rail line just to the south of the airport. The existing bridge was aging and needed to be replaced. The original drawings prepared by TDOT required 3 retaining walls at this site. Dement Construction was able to provide a value engineering alternate to the original TDOT bridge design that would save time and money by making the bridge shorter in length. This change also removed one of the original walls in the TDOT plans, but added 2 new walls in front of and along the side of the new bridge abutments. TDOT approved the new bridge layout and additional walls for construction.

After working together on the SR 12 over I-65 project, Dement Construction once again selected Synergy to provide the design and installation for the retaining walls on their project. Synergy was required to work closely with Dement while they developed the geometry of the new walls that were being added to the project as part of their value engineering proposal to reduce the bridge length. During the design phase, Dement advised that they needed to add 4 temporary retaining walls to the site so they could build the walls and the bridge in 2 phases. Synergy provided the design and construction for these walls as well. Dement Construction advised that without having a qualified design/build contractor like Synergy working with them, it is unlikely that the value engineering plans for the new bridge and walls would have been approved by TDOT. There were some challenges at the site that required field adjustments to the wall layout and design that Synergy was able to handle in the field, avoiding costly delays. This is another advantage of working with a qualified design/build contractor like Synergy as opposed to working with a contractor that requires 3rd party engineers to do the design work. The final design of the walls resulted in approximately 19,000 sf of retaining wall with a maximum height of over 26’. The project was successfully completed in the Spring of 2012.